Monday, 31 August 2015

West Angle

An interesting 30 minutes on the high tide at West Angle this morning with a 2CY Little Gull and 2 Mediterranean Gulls (2CY and Ad) sat on the sea with the Black-headed Gulls and a Black-tailed Godwit on the shore.  Sadly, all of the gulls were disturbed by a young Peregrine chasing a feral pigeon.

The Gann

A mini Wader fest, 4 Knot, 10 Turnstones, 4+ Sanderling (inc a couple of juvs) 2 Common Sandpipers, 2 Greenshank, 4 Redshank & a small Dunlin / Ringed Plover flock. Difficult to count sometimes as they were moving to & fro along the shoreline between the sandy beach & the lagoon inlet. A fabulous morning with a big spring tide, bodes well for tomorrow morning.

Sunday, 30 August 2015


A Green Sandpiper the best on the marsh this evening. A look at Patch in the rain found 1 Sanderling, 6 Dunlin, 1 Turnstone, and 14 Ringed Plover.

 Spotted Flycather, Lesser Whitethroat and Lesser Redpoll were notable birds this morning along with double figures of Blackcap and Chiffchaff, caught during our final Constant Effort Site ringing session of 2015.  See "CES 12 ends with variety" for more ....

Yesterday, due to high tides, I ended up taking one of our trips from St. Dogmael's Quay, a close inspection of the roosting herons found 8 Little Egrets.
(photo Wendy J)

Little Stint - Newport still present

2200 update;-
Newport 0930hrs Sunday 30 August
Juv Little Stint, 2 (poss 4) Sanderling, c.40 Dunlin and 25 Ringed Plover on end of sandspit until first dog walkers appeared and tide receded a little when they moved to sandbanks in middle of estuary.
Two Greenshank below Iron Bridge and two Common Sandpipers flew up the estuary and settled above Iron Bridge approx 1015hrs.

Dave & Julia Evans

Newport -  The juvenile Little Stint...but a photo from Tommy Evans taken yesterday

Marsh Harrier

Still at Marloes Mere this morning, on the far side as always - sitting on top of a bush waiting for his chance to pounce - c12 Snipe flying around, made restless by it`s presence.

Saturday, 29 August 2015

Marloes Mere

The dark juv Marsh Harrier still present, frustratingly over the Trehill side & thinking of frustration, while I was watching the Harrier, 3 Waders flew over & away (Skomer bound?) from me - all I got was a this pic. For what it`s worth, the right hand bird was a tad smaller than the other two!

Little Stint, waders, and Dolphins.

Newport this morning -
The juvenile Little Stint with c80 small waders.

Teifi from Patch but mobile,
One Turnstone, 20 Ringed Plover, 6 Dunlin, 9 Sanderling, and a Redshank calling.

The most amazing sighting was two Bottlenosed Dolphins up river of Patch / Webley Hotel.
Talking to other staff from Bay to Remember and local commercial fishermen (47 years knowledge) this would appear to be the first time  the Bn Dolphins have entered the river past the neck at Patch - hopefully they have got out by now. Grey Seals have been up river as far as Cenarth.
(Rich D and Wendy J)

Friday, 28 August 2015

Little Stint - Newport

An evening look at the high tide at Newport, the juvenile Little Stint was feeding with c25 Dunlin, 2 Sanderling and c20 Ringed Plover on he end of the dunespit. Two Greenshank roosting along the estuary edge, and three Common Sandpipers roosting on wood debris in the river above the iron bridge. Two Greylag amongst the Canada Geese.

Over to the Teifi, and the best we could do, - 1 Turnstone, 9 Ringed Plover, and 6 Dunlin.

(Rich D and Wendy J)

Marsh Harrier and Quail

Andrew Sims saw a dark juvenile Marsh Harrier at Marloes Mere this afternoon as well as a similar selection of birds to Brian at The Gann.  Mark Waldron reports a Quail calling yesterday morning at Nolton Cross Caravan and Camp Site.

Gann, St Ann's and Marloes Mere

Pickleridge Pools (post Derek): 4 Redshank, 3 Greenshank, 3 Knot, 2 Common Sandpiper, 3 Teal and a Little Grebe. 2 Little egret up on flooded marsh. St Ann's/Kete: Pied wagtails up to 25 in the last field, a Wheatear and a Kestrel. Some promising-looking fields but nothing I could see in them. Lots of Gannet activity off the lighthouse so had a sea watch but only Gannets. Airfield will have to wait for another day. Quick look from both hides at Marloes Mere: 80 Mallard, 10 Teal and a Snipe.


A quick look this afternoon - 4 Turnstones, 1 juv Ringed Plover, 1 juv Dunlin, 1 Greenshank, 4 Redshank. Met Brian en-route to Dale Airfield who was off to find some exotica.

Westfield Pill.

A Hobby this afternoon,is our second for the year,following one on 7th May.A Garden Warbler a fortnight ago,was the first I have seen in this location for thirty one years.Med Gulls are being seen regularly,both here,and at Llanstadwell.Spotted Flycatchers have been more numerous,and the Reed Warblers have had a very productive breeding season.

Hobby -- Teifi

A juvenile Hobby was hunting the hirundines in the pre roost over the Teifi Marsh reed-bed yesterday evening,
(Teifi RG)


Viewed from Boat Club ~ 1 Little Stint, 27 Dunlin & 20 Ringed Plover.

Thursday, 27 August 2015


Balearic Shearwater and a bit of tern passage to our south. Another nice variety of waders. Totals on blog.


1 juv Little Stint, 1 juv Curlew Sandpiper, 4 Knot, c10 Ringed Plover & c10 Dunlin.

Teifi - small waders

Poppit  and Patch ..
7 Turnstone, 1 Sanderling, 2 Dunlin, 2 Ringed Plover
6 Sanderling, 6 Dunlin

Looks like an all action day...
Whimbrel and Turnstone on Cardigan Island too

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

St Anns and the Gann

St Ann's: A good look around the end fields but only a dozen Pied Wags this evening.
The Gann: (from 7pm must have just missed you Derek!) Good scattering of waders. On the pools - 3 Redshank, 2 Common Sandpipers, a Greenshank, a Dunin and a Turnstone. On the river mouth: 50 smallish waders flying around, mostly Dunlin and Ringed plover, but inc 5 Knot, 4 Turnstone and a Ruff. 5 Black-tailed godwits briefly among the Curlews before flying off.


Up to 40 Whimbrels reported today by Steve Jarvis, flying from Ramsey Sound towards St Davids Golf Course.

Gann - pre bank holiday

Blustery, dogs, kids & kayaks. 3 Greenshank, 4 Redshank, 1Turnstone & 1 juv Dunlin.

Teifi - waders....and Siskins

On Patch and Poppit just after this morning's high tide, 12 Sanderling, 2 Dunlin, and 1 Whimbrel.

Boncath Siskins;-
This morning caught our first ever Siskin in August, a very young bird, and follows a large increase in our July birds, 49 this year an increase from 17 birds July 2014.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Teifi - Coot etc...

A Coot seen in front of Creek Hide over the last few days is a ridiculously unusual bird on the Teifi.
 -- Reminds me of the Coot we saw sitting on the end of a raft of Manx Shearwaters, 2 km southwest of Grassholm on the 21st August 2002.

14 Redshank opposite the Quay today was good, and c15 Teal with 50+ Mallard shows the ducks are returning.

Swallow numbers roosting are well down this year, often not reaching more than 100 per night.

This a fat juvenile Sedge Warbler, 17.5g this morning, was 10.8g nine days ago. 

Sedge Warbler passage is poor too, this supports several other reporting sites (eg Mark Grantham in Cornwall) and surely the increased percentage of adults indicates a poor breeding season...

(Rich D and Wendy J)

Green Sandpiper etc

Green Sandpiper on the newly reshaped garden pond today along with Kingfisher. While work was in progress an otter started hunting, 10 metres from a working 13 ton digger. Hardly shy this one!

Newport am

My best ever view of a flying Green Sandpiper looking down from the raised path on the N side. By the boat club c20 ea Dunlin & Ringed Plover, 4 Knot & a Sanderling.

West Williamston NR- white gull

Walking around West Williamston NR yesterday afternoon I was suprised to find a white gull in a large gull flock. It looked very much like an Iceland gull but it was more likely a leucitic Lesser Black or Herring gull. Also present on the river were 4 Whimbrel, 2 Greenshank and a Barwit.