Saturday, 31 January 2015

Teifi in the hail

With most birds sheltering or having moved on few birds to be seen this morning.
The local flock of c92 Barnacle Geese were in the air, Wigeon and Teal I guess are up river on the Marsh. A couple of Little Grebe in the main estuary and two Shag off the Webley. Nine Cormorants upstream at Jewsons taking shelter. The two Bar-tailed Godwits were off the Railings.
Hopefully a more productive visit later...

Friday, 30 January 2015

Stackpole/Bosherston Lakes - roosting birds

Just before dusk I had a brief stroll along part of the Eastern Arm. It was immediately obvious that there were quite a few redwings and blackbirds around. They were coming into roost in sheltered, ivy-clad trees (typical roost locations for thrushes here). There were probably in excess of 150 redwings and 50+ blackbirds and also quite a few chaffinches going to roost.

I couldn't find any greenfinches though. Lodge Park used to regularly hold quite a large roost years ago. I wonder just how many greenfinches there are in the general area this winter?

It was also nice to see 3 firecrests and not less than 4 blackcaps (probably many more present) also going to roost in evergreen shrubbery along side the eastern arm.  The ivy etc is probably very important cover for these species during cold winter weather.

The usual goosanders were on the lake as were some 20+ gadwall, as usual accompanying the small coot flock. A kingfisher put in a brief appearance, always nice to see. I should have taken a camera - the wintering bittern stood for a few minutes right out in the open on the path below the Court-site terrace!

I left just before hundreds of jackdaws came into their usual lake-side roost.  


Castlemartin Corse...

...looking dramatic under 2 metres of floodwater, almost up to the tops of the reeds, the outflow  well and truly blocked by recent storms.

Mobile flocks the main feature today, only rough estimates possible. Parties of 50+ snipe constantly on the move, perhaps 400 altogether. Huge golden plover flock on the northern slopes - in the order of 2-3,000 when they all bunched up. Smaller no's of lapwing, but still a lot. Several thousand starlings upstream, more than I've seen for a few weeks here. The darker marsh harrier, female merlin and 4 buzzards all in evidence, a fifth buzzard above Kingsmill (upstream from Castlemartin). The ducks were mostly further upstream tho' prip-prip of teal could be heard everywhere. Reedbed occupants have presumably been pushed upstream or upslope (on the S side).

Firecrests - Rosemarket

Sightings from yesterday;-
Rosemarket SW : 2 firecrests,1 goldcrest,1 chiffchaff, grey and pied wagtails.
Bosherton: 6 goldeneye( 2m), 6 tufted (2m) , 2 grey herons.
St.Brides Haven : 4 turnstone ,6 oystercatchers.
(Steve Cook)

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Angle Peninsular

Not a bird to be seen on Kilpaison Beach midday though not surprising with the gale howling in there. On the way back up to the main road I was treated to a superb adult male Merlin as it hacked past low over the fields.

At Freshwater West it was, again, spectacularly windy but I managed a shot of one of 15 Grey Plovers on the beach - the first I have seen there this winter. All facing NW into the wind.

At Bosherston 17 Goosanders.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015


Pretty much the usual suspects at a very windy Radford Pill and the Carew River late morning. A Buzzard put up c.70 Golden Plover and c.240 Lapwing from fields on the south side of Radford Pill and then flew over the water scattering c.90 Wigeon and 17 Redshank. Redwing seem to have been rather scarce in this area this winter so nice to see a flock of 30 or so.

Round at Carew River there were 70 Teal, 2 Shelduck, 27 Redshank and 6 Greenshank.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Reed Buntings

We have recently moved into the area and have managed to make quite a good start on creating our bird friendly garden (we were lucky if we saw more than house sparrows where we lived before, with the occasional blackbird).

To date we’re regularly seeing robins, dunnock, great, blue, coal and long tailed tits, goldfinch, chaffinch, and almost daily now we have the good fortune to see a greater spotted woodpecker who comes just to see us, and not just to eat the peanuts in the feeders…….

But today we had a new visitor,
(Julie and Paul Kerry - Pembroke)

Over to the north of the county the Teifi Ringing Group have started RAS (Retrapping Adults for Survival) project on Reed Buntings. This involves colour-ringing our local breeding population, but you never know where they might turn up !
 For more details of the project see..Wandering colour-ringed Reed Bunting 

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Newgale and beyond

15 Curlew on the camp site at Newgale, 2 male Hen Harriers in the evening gloom  at Plumstone, no large Starling flocks though.
A flock of 12+ Fieldfare at Lochvane, the first at the coast this year, is snow on the way!?

Our Little Owl still in attendance while we garden !!!

Steve Jarvis


There were at least a dozen Yellowhammers at Crug Glas this morning, they've probably been there all winter but I haven't checked the area before.


From John Freeman - I visited Kilpaison this morning, just before high water. Species recorded :- Oystercatcher 35, Redshank 2, Brent Geese 4, Dunlin 40+ , Turnstone 4.


In the bay I seen 30 Wigeon, 6 GC Grebes & 5 Turnstone.

Monday, 26 January 2015

News via email for yesterday 25 January

From Simon James - Jess and i spent only 15 minutes at Rosemarket sewerage works  and were rewarded with some lovely views of two firecrests. Having never seen one before it was fantastic to have two together. We also saw 3 goldcrest, Chiffchaff, pied and grey wagtails and two male robins appearing to fight over a female

From Sandra Jane Young - Red Kite at Abermawr today and approximately 100 wigeon a Penberi pond.

From John Jenkins - Ring-necked parakeet seen in garden in Ambleston this afternoon.

From Jane Anthony - Visiting Pembrokeshire for the weekend saw a male black redstart on the beach at Abercastle yesterday at midday.

From Steve Cook - During Garden( loosely interpreted) bird watch at St.Brides found 2 Tawny owls and a chiffchaff.

Castlemartin Corse

Extensive areas of flooding on the Corse this morning but most birds were on the flooded fields at the far, east end, of the Corse - 700 Golden Plover, 800 Lapwing, 70 Wigeon, 48 Mallard, 30 Teal. 4 Greylags and 22 Curlew.

A further 8 Mallard were on the water in front of the reed bed and there were several groups of Snipe flying around - c.80 altogether. A Marsh Harrier (probably the less well marked bird) was seen briefly and good views of a ringtail Hen harrier being relentlessly pursued by a Crow with the  Harrier then turning the tables.

Near Starmans Hall a dozen Skylarks, a few Linnets, 18 Curlew and 4 Chough


A female Blackcap in my garden earlier feeding on the sunflower hearts.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Freshwater West area this morning

The usual expected waders were roosting on the beach this morning at high tide. These included: 42 ringed plovers, 84 oystercatchers, 40+ curlew but only a few grey plovers. Perhaps more will arrive if the weather gets colder.

Further up the hill near Castlemartin  I noted several hundred lapwings just inside the Range with a few hundred linnets and a couple of hundred chaffinches. Ravens were busy nest-building at one regular site - when not chasing off the local buzzard.

There weren't too many raptors about where I was but singles of kestrel, merlin and sparrowhawk put in an appearance before quite persistent drizzle started to set in and I decided to call it a day.

And now for something completely different. The RSPB's "Big Garden Birdwatch" is clearly popular. Over the weekend records have apparently come in on-line from more than 110,000 people across the UK, with over three and a quarter million birds counted so far. 6,000 extra ones were added whilst this paragraph was being written!  



A male in our garden at St Ishmaels today.


From Stephen Cook - I was briefly at Marloes Mere yesterday and found some spectacles on the floor,which I left in a plastic leaflet holder.
Saw the usual ducks and six snipe . Then walked past the Deer Park and along the coastal path to St Brides,between there and the path to the Marloes road there was a blackcap(f) in the gorse.
Last week walking between Little Haven and St Brides ,unlike the previous six years at this time, there were no fulmars or kittiwakes which was odd. I did see a bottle nose dolphin.

Mullock Barn Owl .....

...... gave fantastic close views perched on a fence post at 11:45 last night.