Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Bird Report 2014

The 2014 Pembrokeshire Bird Report is now available as a free please click on the cover above to download. The report is also available by clicking on the Reports section at the top of this blog. Once open click on File, then Download and choose the option to open with Adobe Reader. The document will open (assuming you have Adobe Reader installed on your computer) as a PDF file which can then be saved to your computer for easy access.

Congratulations and thanks to the editorial team of Jon Green, Steve Berry, Clive Hurford and Adrian Rogers for compiling an excellent report.

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Hobby - over Carew mountain

Hi, a Hobby circled over my garden (near Cresselly) this afternoon at 4.30 .It caused consternation among the local Swallows who mobbed it from a safe distance, making chattering calls rather than the usual alarm calls for Sparrowhawk . The Hobby was low enough to clearly see its face mask and red thighs , but appeared not to be in hunting mode and soon moved off to the north.
(Alan Collens)

Teifi - Med. Gulls

Three Med Gulls with the Black-headed Gulls (3 juveniles) at The Webley this evening. Opposite St. Dogmaels Quay, 61 Curlew, and four newly arrived Redshank.

Dowrog Common

A singing Lesser Whitethroat and a reeling Grasshopper Warbler while I was looking for dragonflies this afternoon.

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Black-headed Gulls -- Teifi

A high tide visit this morning.
No Med Gulls but 78 Black-headed Gulls at the Webley including the 2nd juvenile of the year,
Marie found the 1st last night on Patch. Another juvenile from the Railings, and c20 more Bh Gulls near St.Dogmaels Quay.
1 Common Sandpiper on Patch, and a westerly movement of Kittiwakes and Manx Shearwaters offshore.
Curlews appeared to be moving too, with three turning into the estuary and flying up river.

Monday, 29 June 2015


More in the way of new birds today. Highlight a spanking male Ruff. As noted elsewhere, first Mediterranean Gull of autumn off the Lighthouse.

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Teifi Med Gulls

In keeping with the Fishguard sightings below, there were 2 third year Med Gulls in the Teifi Estuary this evening.
Quite a change in birds around the estuary compared to last week with a big increase in Canada Geese, Curlew and around 40 Black-headed Gulls. One Dunlin was the only small wader I could find.

Med Gulls of Fishguard Harbour

I was surprised to find at least four different Med Gulls off the outer breakwater feeding in the harbour mouth!


Nice to find my first Quail in many years singing from a crop field whilst out cycling between Llandeloy and Hayscastle at SM877275 at 15.45. Also a male Yellowhammer singing here and a second male singing near Brawdy at SM873240.

St David's

From Steve Jarvis - The mists cleared over St Davids Golf Course , a female Kestrel was very active and seemed to be successful with several earthworms at least, Red Kite and Buzzard were also in evidence and  a cuckoo flew over the road to Treleddyn.
At 12:00 a lone Swan flew low towards Trefeiddan, it certainly looked like a Whooper, and this "flight path" is the one they use so regularly in winter. Any other reports?

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Castlemartin choughs - sibling sisters

A visit to Castlemartin Range this morning showed that some more choughs had fledged since last weekend but at least three broods have still to leave the security of their crevice nests. Even without these birds fledging overall breeding success has been good for those pairs that have bred. There are quite a few families with 4 young flying now.

One recently fledged youngster of a brood of 4 with one of its parents near Linney

It was nice to find on the Range today what I think is the sibling sister of white over BTO right; lime green over dark green inscribed OT left - both ringed as nestlings in Ceredigion in 2014; she being white over BTO right leg; red over dark green inscribed OS left leg. 

Both birds were feeding not far from each other near Bulliber Down where her sister was also recorded last weekend. 

Whilst quite a lot of coastal birds seem to be breeding quite well along the Castlemartin peninsula this year, I haven't found much evidence that kestrels are having  much success along this section of coast. A male was feeding near Linney Head this morning so perhaps a pair that is usually resident nearby will produce something in the end. Breeding wheatears also seem to be a bit thin on the ground along the Castlemartin coast this summer. Those that have bred have fledged young now in a few places.

Friday, 26 June 2015

Green Sandpiper to Goosander

Teifi Marshes - and Autumnal visitors
On the site preparing for CES (Constant Effort Site) ringing tomorrow, and a female Goosander from the River Viewpoint.

Earlier this afternoon a Green Sandpiper calling as it flew over the same spot.
(Paul M)

Wednesday evening, and the first Starlings were back in the marsh.

Last night (Thursday), a couple of notes from Landshipping.
House Martins nesting on at least one house, one Curlew the only wader, flocks of Goldfinches along the verges- the largest flock c30 birds.
Talking to a colleague from the Skokholm renovation project work who lives at Landshipping, his most recent of regular Osprey sightings was last Friday.....!

Plumstone Mountain - Yellowhammers

This site must be the epicentre of the Pembs population with at least 10+ males early evening. No sign of the rarer sylvia warbler that breeds here in quite breezy conditions. Lovely to see 2 or 3 Latticed Heath moths too. Quite an unseasonal visit for me having counted the Hen Harrier winter roost here for the BTO for getting on for six seasons now. Always an enjoyable cycle to this premier Pembs bird site.


From Dave Evans - As in recent years, there is a pair of Yellowhammers in residence on Garnwnda at Llanwnda and I heard two separate singing males near Pwll Deri on Tuesday of this week - together with a flock of 11 Starlings (hopefully not returning winter visitors yet!).

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Choughs at Castlemartin Range - something old, something new

Not all breeding choughs on Castlemartin Range have fledged young yet this summer, but those that have bred have fledged quite good brood sizes so far. In Range East, our oldest known chough, now into his 21st year, (having outlasted his colour-rings but still identifiable through a telescope by his BTO metal ring) wasn't one of the successful ones this year. He was born only a couple of km from where he now breeds. During 19 years of breeding activity, he has helped to raise a minimum of 48 young at three nest-sites. Although never proven, during one of his earlier breeding seasons, he was suspected of infanticide at an adjacent chough nest-site. What ever caused the failure, he went on to expand his territory to include this particular nest-site the following year. It has remained within his breeding territory ever since. Hopefully this will not be the last breeding season for this particular character.

Pair of choughs having a rest near Stennis Ford on 24th June - the old male (ring on hidden left leg) is on the right 

Further into Range West, numbers of younger non-breeding birds are starting to build up. The flock had reach c.19 in total by last Sunday. In this flock there is a possible new arrival - a colour-ringed bird from Ceredigion white over BTO right leg; lime green over dark green inscribed OT on the left leg. This young female, ringed as a nestling at Ynys Lochtyn in 2014 by Tony Cross, is now some 70 km from her natal site. She had previously been photographed and reported at Telpyn Point in Carmarthenshire by Alastair Proud back in October 2014. In addition her sibling sister (also colour-ringed) was recently reported by Richard Crossen near Manorbier on 8th June.

Hopefully these two will find suitable mates down here and also find the Pembrokeshire coast to their liking. Where ever they go, hopefully they'll go on to reproduce (adding something to the "gene pool") and continue to live a good age.


More on Yellowhammers

In recent weeks I have recorded yellowhammers from Sutton Mountain (One pair), "Frosty Bottom" Nr Roch (One pair) and, Hayscastle to Wolfscatle road (possibly 3 pairs) and Hayscastle to Castlemorris road (1 pair). I further suspect that the whole Roch, Mathry, Llandeloy, Brawdy area would be well worth a slow cycle around the lanes........

Dunlin in Summer breeding plumage!

I had a sighting of a Dunlin in Summer breeding plumage! on Potyhlisgi beach this morning. The bird wandered about feeding despite being occasionally chased by the Rock Pipits. What is it doing here? Could it be breeding nearby or a very early (or late) migrant??

Terrible photo but enough to ID it